Buying – turning an idea into a product on our shelves

Buying as a profession

As an employee in Buying, you accompany our products from the original draft design to the sales floor – from assortment design to coordinating on-sale dates and quality checks in product sampling. Take responsibility for the product range of HOFER, learn more about the international arena in the Global Sourcing unit in Salzburg or provide your colleagues with optimal working resources in Equipment Management – Buying offers a number of exciting career opportunities for you!

Corporate Buying and Global Sourcing

Daily consumer items, food and non-food products, weekly promotional specials or seasonal offers – every item sold at HOFER starts its path either in Sattledt or in Salzburg. The Buying Services S/E and Global Sourcing teams at these two locations procure the product assortment for the entire HOFER Group or the ALDI SOUTH Group.

Accompany items from the tender to the store shelf. That includes handling suppliers, coordinating package design, working with merchandise management programmes and coordinating with internal, external and national sparring partners.

The Global Sourcing unit in Salzburg develops merchandise areas further on an international scale. This includes, e.g., market, competitor and price analysis, establishing and expanding strategic supplier relationships and developing global procurement strategies.

The many aspects of Buying

Numerous experts collaborate in supporting units to ensure smooth buying processes.

Quality Management samples or tests food and non-food items. Our work ensures that we can offer our customers the best product quality at favourable HOFER prices at all times.

The Administration pools the work associated with supporting the onboarding of new Buying employees, vendor management, brand research or creation of planograms.

Our continuously changing specials are a trademark characteristic of HOFER. Good planning is essential: Strategic Planning is the interface between sourcing and marketing.

Assortment Placing focusses on optimal positioning of merchandise in stores, keeping in mind criteria such as product groupings.

Global Business Coordination is responsible for international buying-related coordination, such as creating and specifying items.

Equipment Buying

In Equipment Buying, you are responsible for the procurement of items the company needs for its own operation. Your task is to ensure, e.g., that inventory, store equipment and office supplies reach their destination at the right time, in the right quality and at the best price.