HOFER lives diversity


At HOFER, we believe that understanding, respecting and valuing the uniqueness of our people and customers makes us stronger. That’s why we are committed to building an inclusive culture that values diversity in all its forms. Our core value of ‘responsibility’ ensures that we treat our people, customers and partners fairly, in the pursuit of our core purpose. As a global retailer, we strive to represent and serve the needs of the communities we operate in and improve the world we live in.

HOFER lives diversity

Diversity, fairness and equal opportunity are top priorities for HOFER. We know that the various qualifications, experiences and personalities of our employees are the key to our corporate success. Focussing on people is one of our most important principles.

We expressly welcome people of any gender and age and those with an immigration background.

What does diversity mean for us in everyday work?

Diversity in the application process

Our application process is designed to ensure that only your qualification and experience will determine whether you are invited for an interview.

Diversity in our HOFER team

Considering challenges from various points of view helps us implement new, innovative ideas. Because we appreciate the unique personalities and different backgrounds of our employees, we strive to support and promote diversity in any way we can.

To ensure optimum (further) development of employees, we not only offer challenging tasks and full range of development opportunities in our HOFER ACADEMY, but also a modern working environment and numerous benefits.

Diversity in our management

Equal opportunity is also evident in our management team. Half of all HOFER managers are female and equal pay has always been a given for us. We speak up for equal opportunity. 

Diversity at HOFER S/E

HOFER S/E also comprises ALDI SUISSE, HOFER Slovenia, ALDI Hungary and ALDI Italy. Our regular communication with our colleagues in other S/E countries helps us gain diverse experiences and share knowledge for the further development and implementation of diversity goals.