Our executive management of HOFER S/E


Horst Leitner


Our national office

Michael Kronegger

Group Managing Director

Christoph Rief

Group Managing Director

Marietta Schorn

Group Managing Director

Our national office team

Our national office brings together supra-regional and international expertise to support the regional offices.

Markus Burböck 

Managing Director IT

Job openings in our IT are primarily listed in the IT area. Due to our multiple digitisation projects, other units are closely cooperating with IT for projects.

Bernhard Hofer

Managing Director
Supply Chain Management

Job openings in this area can be found under Supply Chain Management.



Dieter Kaiserseder

Managing Director Finance &
Corporate Administration

The Finance, Human Resources and Legal departments list job openings in Finance and Corporate Administration.


Birgit Reichetseder

Managing Director Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction primarily includes Marketing and Communication as well as job openings in  technical units.

Peter Rieger

Managing Director Corporate Buying

Our Corporate Buying unit offers employment in the areas of Buying and Quality management.

Stefan Walli

Managing Director
Global Business Coordination

Global Business Coordination addresses global concerns in Buying and IT.

Our regional office teams

The regional offices support and supply the stores within a defined region. The associated job openings can be found in the following activity areas: Store team, Store management, Area management sowie Logistics & Supply Chain Management .

Markus Chaloupka

Managing Director Trumau
regional office

Region served: southern and western Vienna/southern and northern Lower Austria and Central Burgenland

Gunther Deisting

Managing Director Hausmannstätten
regional office

Region served: Styria/southern Burgenland


Edwin Feichter

Managing Director Sattledt
regional office

Region served: Upper Austria/Salzburg North

Markus Juen

Managing Director Rietz
regional office

Region served: Vorarlberg/Tyrol/southwestern Salzburg

Pierre Kaltenbacher

Managing Director Weißenbach
regional office

Region served: southern Salzburg/eastern Tyrol/Carinthia/northwestern Styria

Karin Viechtbaur

Managing Director Stockerau
regional office

Region served: Northern Vienna/northern and western Lower Austria