An exciting day with Lisa from IT

Working at the ALPHA Retail Network

Much of the work at the ALPHA Retail Network in Eberstalzell focusses on IT at HOFER. Lisa’s work involves the IT systems in Human Resources. For example, she provides IT support for the Careers website. Watch this video to learn what a typical workday looks like for her:

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We rock IT – in the ALPHA Retail Network


The ALPHA Retail Network is all about digitisation, hardware and software. The 20,000 m² space is home to our innovative IT team and other departments working on the latest developments and technologies for HOFER.

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Dive into the world of HOFER IT with Andreas!


Andreas joined HOFER in 2017. As an IT Manager, he oversees exciting projects from our innovative ALPHA Retail Network site in Eberstalzell. As one of the models in our new employer branding website, he stepped in front of the camera for us.

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Learn how Sabine contributes to shaping the international world of HOFER from Salzburg


As Manager and mother, Sabine is a true power woman. As HR Manager in the International Management Holding in Salzburg, she is in charge of numerous projects.

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