Dive into the world of HOFER IT with Andreas

Andreas manages a team of 25 employees, including two apprentices. As an IT specialist, he is responsible for the smooth operation of our digital systems. Andreas finds it important to have enough time for his family because his children are his first priority. In this interview, he talks about his first day of work and his favourite HOFER product.

What do you remember about your first day of working at HOFER and your impressions?

Andreas: I remember that day very well. Since I had experienced first days of work at other companies, I have a good comparison. I received a very friendly welcome at HOFER. My welcome package included summaries of all relevant information and I was given a workstation with top-of-the-line equipment, including a notebook – I was ready to start right away. 

Andreas, what is your favourite HOFER product?

Andreas: When I go shopping, I always get an olive baguette from the BACKBOX in-store bakery.

What is your best advice for future colleagues who want to apply to our company?

Andreas: An interview situation is often too short to get a comprehensive impression. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, for instance, why your interviewer likes to work at HOFER.

What prompted you to apply as a model for our new employer branding website and what was your personal highlight during the video shoot?

Andreas: My colleagues encouraged me to apply. In addition, I originally applied at HOFER because of an employee video I had seen. It feels more authentic to learn something about a future employer directly through employee testimonials. My personal highlight during the video shoot was the audio dubbing of my video footage. It is exciting to hear a professional recording of your own voice.

Would you like to see the video about Andreas?

Click here to enter the IT world at HOFER and learn more about the exciting work environment of Andreas:

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