Industry win: HOFER wins Best Recruiters award in the retail industry

Wow – we are proud to have won the Best Recruiters award in our industry! How did we score as an employer and how did we improve our standing in the overall ranking? 

Our lived corporate culture, authentic employer website and highly professional recruiting secured us a spot among the industry’s BEST RECRUITERS for the ninth time as well as an excellent thirteenth place in the overall ranking.

What is Best Recruiters?

Best Recruiters refers to a study that examines employers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland once a year. The study comprises three pillars: Online recruiting presence, online job advertisements and the experience provided to applicants. These areas are scrutinised based on 243 individual criteria. Work models, health/knowledge management, digitalisation, diversity and employer positioning were added as new indicators this year. A total of 529 Austrian companies were studied in 2020.


How HOFER stood out:

“Career at HOFER – That’s my way” is more than just a slogan for us. We closely analysed our applicants’ experience to create an optimised candidate journey that is as easy as possible for them. Our entire employer presence is marked by authenticity and target group-specific language: from handouts, digital media and gadgets to our career website. The study particularly emphasised our interaction with applicants as well as our cultural and employer positioning. Special mention was also made of the company’s health campaign “HEALTHY TOGETHER”, which clearly designates HOFER as an industry leader.


Focus on authenticity

“Employer authenticity is a high priority for us. That’s why we actively involve our employees in designing our employer brand, for example by helping to design our employer value proposition, developing our employer website and contributing Instagram stories and blog posts published under Inside HOFER. Our employees bring our employer brand to life with their inspiration and motivation. This year's industry recognition for BEST RECRUITERS affirms the value of this authentic approach. We are really excited about this recognition.”
(Bettina Hauser, Director of Human Resources)

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