Discover HOFER benefits that can save you money!

In addition to a wide range of career paths, HOFER offers numerous benefits to its employees. In this post, you will learn more about our employee benefits and how they can help you save money. We also asked three of our employees to share their favourite HOFER benefit.



We care about our team! Our benefits are designed to provide optimum support. What do our colleagues consider their favourite company benefit? We asked!


Raphaela (Store Manager):

Raphaela, you have been working for HOFER for 11 years and you started your career with an apprenticeship at HOFER. Which benefit has been most valuable to you?

Raphaela: I particularly appreciate the excellent career advancement opportunities and the exciting training programme of our HOFER ACADEMY.

We offer new perspectives for people who love to learn. HOFER ACADEMY provides a full range of professional and personal development options, fully paid for by HOFER.


Theresa (Human Resources specialist):

Theresa, what is your favourite HOFER benefit?

Theresa: No doubt, the employee discount platform! As a bargain hunter, I love to check which great discounts are available.

The programme makes saving money a snap! The entire HOFER team has access to rebates of over 250 companies through our employee discount platform. No matter what the occasion, you are sure to find a suitable bargain.

Dominik (Buying Manager):

Dominik, you enjoy sports in your free time. Which HOFER benefits do you enjoy most?

Dominik: HOFER has negotiated special rates at many fitness studios and we have free access to a gym at the National Office – a great benefit for sports enthusiasts!

We clearly support the concept of Keeping fit on the job!  We promote participation in shared sports events and offer discounts for numerous fitness studios to our employees.

We have the right offer for gourmets!

Quickly buy a healthy snack to eat at work in the morning? HOFER employees don’t need to do that. The company provides fresh fruit and vegetables for a daily vitamin boost free of charge. We also offer coffee and tea free of charge at all times.

Our benefits not only save you money, they even offer an opportunity to earn a little extra.

Are you a passionate networker who recommends their employer in their network? If we hire a new employee based on your recommendation, you qualify for a referral bonus of EUR 500* before tax. Our employees are our best brand ambassadors. We appreciate their referrals to help us grow our excellent team.


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*payable for new employees who have been consistently employed for at least 6 months from the hiring date; EUR 500 before tax; referring employee must be employed in good standing at HOFER at the time of payout. Employees with power of attorney are not eligible for referral awards.


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