A question of fairness: equal pay, diversity and international outlook

You are working exactly the same job as your colleague, but are receiving lower pay? We don’t think that’s fair. In Austria, October 22 marks “Equal Pay Day”. On this day, men have already earned as much as women will earn by the end of the year. Fairness matters greatly at HOFER: diversity, equal opportunity, and above all, equal pay are high priorities for us.

We know that our employees are the key to our success and are proud of everyone’s unique contributions. We definitely consider diversity a positive value: the more diverse our HOFER team, the greater the variety of approaches, experiences, ideas and the associated solutions. 

We emphasise female power and equal pay

Women make up half of our managerial staff and 80 per cent of our employees. Our principle:  equal pay for equal work – in our company, women earn the same compensation as men. At HOFER, we consider equal pay a given.

To support women and families, we offer flexible working hour models and attractive compensation packages for family-friendly work schedule design.  In addition to part-time employment, our offers to accommodate individual life phases and enable work-life balance also include the option to take a sabbatical. HOFER managers can also take advantage of mobile working models.

Raphaela Kaufmann, Store Manager in Vienna:
“One thing I love about HOFER as my employer is that HOFER offers equal opportunities for everyone. The work is a lot of fun! In addition, the compensation is excellent, which is no small matter either,” says the 26-year-old who originally started her career at HOFER as an apprentice.

Along with numerous other benefits, our sustainability initiative “Today for Tomorrow” has supported the social project “Mum & Baby Meetup” since 2016. More information about the resulting opportunities for mothers and their babies and additional facts about equal pay at HOFER can be found here.

What does diversity mean for our applicants?

Our hiring process focusses on your qualifications, not on your gender, country of origin or age. That makes our HOFER team so special and unique.

We expressly welcome applicants from different professional backgrounds

Although your qualification matters above all, many of our job openings are a great fit for applicants from different professional backgrounds. Focus on people is our first priority. Show us your personality! Click here for an interesting overview of our many different professional areas.

International experiences add new perspectives to daily business

We are certain that working together across boundaries makes us stronger! As an international company, we employ people of many different nationalities to address global topics in our International Management Holding in Salzburg to drive comprehensive strategies for the entire ALDI SOUTH Group. We greatly appreciate the regular exchange with our colleagues in other countries – it helps us to better understand other cultures, trends and innovation.


Mutual appreciation and respectful collaboration are of great importance to us. They go beyond boundaries, gender, age and professional areas.

Do you value fairness and are interested in becoming part of our HOFER team? Learn more about your career entry options or discover our job openings and support us with your unique talents!

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