Next stop: Area Manager - here are the 20 most frequently asked questions on the position

Our FAQs for those interested in an Area Manager career

You have (almost) completed your degree and are interested in joining HOFER as a manager? You are interested in an Area Manager position at HOFER and have already researched the job description, but would like to ask a few burning questions? Then you may be able to find more information here!

University graduates have three different career paths for becoming Area Managers:

Your workday as an Area Manager is highly varied – no day is like another. This variety makes the work interesting and exciting. Your tasks may include meetings with employees, HR decisions, appointments with traders, visits to competitors and the Corporate Office, store inspections, product assessments and invoice processing.

You will collaborate closely with the Properties department to prepare for new store openings. For example, you will design the store interior, commission contractors and hire the necessary staff.

Due to the many different responsibilities of the position and the management tasks you will be entrusted with, personal characteristics such as responsibility, empathy, excellent communication skills, keeping a clear overview, flexibility, commitment, innovative thinking, openness, sustainability awareness and versatility are especially important. To be considered for this position, you should also have an academic background with a completed university degree of 180 ECTS. Flexibility and a personal interest in learning about national and international markets within the ALDI Group are a particular plus.

The entire onboarding period will take approx. eight months. A summary of the relevant details can be found in a separate post about the onboarding phase.

We want you to learn about the work responsibilities of your employees in the stores to help you address your management tasks to the best of your ability. You will therefore take over the store management in two stores for approx. one month each. We guarantee that this will be the most demanding phase of your training. You will work in the warehouse, order products, work the till and answer customer questions - in short, you will participate in all work activities performed in stores. 

Because your onboarding as an Area Manager will involve travel through the entire region associated with a regional office, our company will cover all associated overnight expenses.

On your first day of work, you will be issued a company vehicle (e.g. BMW 3 series), which you may also use for private purposes. Our company will cover all expenses for fuel, maintenance, cleaning, repairs and road tolls for using the vehicle in Austria.

You will also receive an iPhone as a business telephone on your first day of work, which may also be used for private purposes.

You will be responsible for five to seven HOFER stores.

Since the stores of your area can be spread over the entire territory of a region, a certain level of travelling flexibility is required. Of course, you will be assigned stores near your residence as much as possible.

Everyone works five days a week, which means that you have Sundays and another weekday of your choice off. You can independently arrange your working hours during those days. As per company policy, stores should be consistently inspected in the morning and at night.

As an Area Manager, you have great flexibility in designing your work schedule and tasks. You can arrange your own tasks while on duty.

A colleague from an adjacent area in the same regional office will act as your deputy as necessary.

Yes. Regular (usually monthly) meetings will be held there with your colleagues and your supervisors.

As an Area Manager, you will have responsibility for your store teams with up to 100 employees.

HOFER is part of the internationally active ALDI SOUTH Group, which offers career development prospects beyond domestic borders.

The continuous professional advancement of our employees in a wide range of areas is a high priority for us. Our training offers include leadership and organisation, labour law, material science and food legislation, building code requirements as well as retail quality standards. We also expect you to participate in a driving course and to pass  your qualifying examination to become an apprenticeship trainer. The programme is completed by social skills seminars and a two-week stay in our HOFER ACADEMY training centres, where you will meet colleagues from other regional offices.

As with all other job openings, applications must be submitted online. Please send us your complete application materials with chronological curriculum vitae, personal statement and certificates for your job match via your applicant profile.

Further details on the process of online applications at HOFER can be found in our Application steps.

In an interview, we want to get an authentic impression of your personality. We aim to have a positive, informative conversation with you. Once we receive your application materials, we will promptly notify you of your application status.

You want to be a well-prepared candidate? This section contains helpful Application tips .

The best time to apply is whenever you’re ready!