What makes HOFER so special as an employer?

Our employer value proposition forms the basis of the HOFER employer brand and appeals to current and potential employees alike. For the development of our employer value proposition, over 2,250 internal and external participants from five countries took part in a survey on “HOFER as an employer” .

The result? Our employer value proposition for our employees

HOFER is the right working environment for people who are goal-oriented, ready to start and willing to accept challenges as motivation.

In our daily work, we have confidence in our capability and place great trust in one another. We are driven by our mutual encouragement and collaboration. We know that we can only achieve our goals when we work together.

That’s why we give our employees the space to take responsibility and to show us what they can do or the option to become better than they had ever thought.

Everyone contributes, which keeps moving us forward as a team.

This employer value proposition has been turned into a video!

Discover what makes HOFER so special as an employer:


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HOFER – the right career for you! Discover our new employer branding appearance!!


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