Exciting insights: Rene talks about his HOFER apprenticeship experience in IT

Are you looking for an apprenticeship in a company that values your technical skills and ability to work in a team? Is a workplace with a future and a secure, dependable employer a must-have for you? Then an information technology apprenctieship at HOFER is exactly the right choice for you!
Rene, a two-year member of the HOFER team, talks about his apprenticeship experience in IT.

How did you learn about apprenticeships at HOFER?

I was taking a polytechnic course, when a good friend who is now my colleague mentioned apprenticeships at HOFER. I scheduled three trial days and quickly realised that working for IT at HOFER would be a great fit for me. The work was a good match for the career I had in mind and I submitted my application – I was hired as an IT apprentice in 2019.

How is your apprenticeship structured?

My apprenticeship will take four years. This is my second year. I’m already looking forward to seeing the other apprentices in vocational school again. During my apprenticeship, I had a chance to rotate through most of the activity areas that will be my responsibility as a fully trained IT specialist at HOFER.

What is the daily work reality of an IT apprentice at HOFER?

We work in three different shifts to provide optimum support from morning to night for our colleagues: Early, regular and late. The early morning shifts begin at 7am, and the late shift starts at 8.30am. The third shift works flexible hours and starts between 7am and 8.30am.

My day starts with checking my e-mails and our ticket queue.
That’s the place where we collect all workplace-related problems and requests from Headquarters together with a brief description. Our team then works to resolve the various technical problems and requirements – there is never a dull moment.

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy the independent, versatile work in a team. I also like the respectful work atmosphere and the friendly colleagues who explain tasks to me and are always available to answer my questions.

Tell us more about your team and your colleagues. What is special about your team?

We are a small team of seven people called “Workplace Management”. As the name suggests, we handle all technical problems associated with workplaces. We take care of laptops, monitors, headsets, docking stations, mice and keyboards to make sure our colleagues can do their work in a well-equipped workplace. My colleagues are extremely helpful and always willing to answer my questions.

How does it feel to earn your own salary? Did you make a special purchase with your first paycheck?

It feels great to finally earn my own money. HOFER pays its apprentices an above-average salary, which makes me less dependent on my parents and gives me the ability to treat myself every now and then. I bought a new mobile phone with my first paycheck.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like to exercise in my free time – I currently work out in my small fitness studio at home. I also love to play video games such as Rocket League.

Do you have a favourite HOFER product?

I don’t have a favourite product, but I think it’s cool that HOFER offers new mobile phones at great prices.

Have you thought about your plans after your apprenticeship? Where do you see yourself?

Right now I am focussed on my apprenticeship and completing my education. Once I am a fully trained IT technician for systems technology, I plan to look for new challenges and interesting areas of work.

An exciting prospect for you? Then score an apprenticeship in IT and launch your career with us!

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