Gain experience with a management internship at HOFER

Exclusive insights into the position of Area Manager

Our management internship is an opportunity for university students to gain one to six months of practical work experience alongside a seasoned Area Manager. The package for the duration of the internship includes unique benefits such as attractive pay or use of a company vehicle (e.g. BMW 3 series), a laptop and an iPhone as a business phone, with private use permitted.


The internship is an opportunity to learn more about HOFER as an employer and to explore various corporate areas by accompanying an Area Manager. Internships are typically between one and six months long and can be individually adapted to your needs. Unique benefits such as use of a company vehicle, laptop and iPhone make the management internship even more attractive. Moreover, an internship increases your chances to be hired as an Area Manager.

Who is a good fit for the internship?

Our internship is perfect for university students in advanced semesters as well as university graduates. As a management intern, you should enjoy leading and motivating teams and have excellent communication and collaboration skills. Other important prerequisites for the job are responsible and outcome-oriented work methods and an entrepreneurial, innovative and integrated outlook. We are looking for management interns who can show us their full commitment and flexibility.

Interview with management intern Michaela Raab

We asked Michaela Raab, one of our management interns, about the practical details of her HOFER management internship, its added value and her daily tasks. Michaela shares her experiences with the HOFER internship she completed in the summer of 2020.

Michaela, how did you learn about the HOFER management internship?
I am currently a student at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz. My university organised an internship challenge, which gave me the opportunity to complete a management internship at HOFER in the Sattledt regional office.

What were your tasks during your internship?
My internship involved shadowing an Area Manager and supporting him with HR and store management tasks. I gained insights into so many interesting activities – from mystery shopping to active cooperation in the store and the warehouse. I also was able to discern the connections between these processes.

Internships are a great opportunity for young adults to gain their first professional experiences and to explore potential career paths. What skills did you learn during your internship?
I learned a lot about store management, leading employees and organisation. This knowledge will be a valuable resource for my future professional life. Working in a diverse team also helped me become more aware of success factors in teamwork and what is important in professional life.


Michaela not only gained valuable insights for her personal and professional future, but enjoyed great benefits as well: As a management intern, she earned a great salary and was issued her own iPhone and a company vehicle for her work. Does Michaela’s story sound appealing to you? Then follow in her footsteps, become a management intern at HOFER and write a new page of your story in our company. 

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