Prospects after your apprenticeship

The future is in your hands

After three apprenticeship years as a retail specialist and completing your final examinations, you can decide whether to support the store team as a sales employee or whether to pursue a career as a Store Manager with additional commitment and motivation.

You did it – you completed your apprenticeship!

Congratulations! We celebrate the completion of your apprenticeship and recognise you for your success. Claim your cool rewards and get EUR 1,000 in HOFER travel coupons if you finish your final exams with distinction.

Keep rising up with commitment

You now have a chance to show us the motivation and commitment you learned as an apprentice. With a little luck, you will soon be promoted to Assistant Store Manager.

On your way to Store Manager

Next step: As Assistant Store Manager, you will start taking classes in the management programme of the HOFER ACADEMY. We will provide the necessary classes and training to support you with the professional fulfilment of your new role. You will receive training in social skills and expand your leadership competencies – know-how you can apply practically in your work at the store.

Goal accomplished

Yes! You now manage your own store and take responsibility for a team of up to 30 employees. This is a chance to keep honing your leadership style and to manage processes, performance indicators and products every day. You also are qualified to train apprentices and can support them in their career choices.

Further questions? Click on the Store Manager job description to learn more about your career options.

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