Learn how Sabine contributes to shaping the international world of HOFER from Salzburg

Sabine’s career balances her work as a Manager in an international team with the responsibilities of raising two children. She joined HOFER in 2011 and was promoted to HR Manager in the International Management Holding in Salzburg two years ago. From her location, she oversees numerous HR projects in collaboration with colleagues from eleven different national organisations. Sabine’s job is highly varied, and she finds balance in spending time with her family. In her interview, she shares why she enjoyed being part of our new employer branding website and her experiences in the photo and video shooting sessions.

Sabine, why did you apply to be a model and what prompted you to participate in our video shoot?

Sabine: I am very proud of balancing my work and family obligations. I wanted to show others how HOFER makes that possible and supports employees in their efforts. In addition, I love the idea of using our own employees as models in the employer branding website. The project was an exciting break from everyday routines and I was thrilled to be a part of it. The video shoot was the crowning experience.

What was your personal highlight during the photo and video sessions?

Sabine: No question, the video scene with my son in the indoor swimming pool – that was not easy. It required special “mom skills” to capture a good scene, but it was all the more rewarding that everything worked out and that my little boy is featured in the video.

You have been working at HOFER for nine years – do you have a favourite moment from that time?

Sabine: I have experienced many extraordinary situations in the past years, so I wouldn’t say there’s one single favourite moment. I am always so impressed when employees take a personal or professional step forward. Our apprentices are particularly memorable to me, especially those who I hired myself. It is wonderful to see them complete their apprenticeship at HOFER and in some cases, to take responsibility for their own teams as Store Managers.

Are you curious to learn more about Sabine’s career?

Watch this video to learn more about Sabine and her work activities and don’t miss her personal highlight - the video recording with her son:

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