Tanja explains why her career at HOFER has been the right choice for her

As Director of Finance & Administration, Tanja supervises a team of 15 and coordinates departments such as Taxes or Reporting. She has worked at HOFER for over 15 years — plenty of reason to serve as a model in our new employer branding website. In this interview, she talks about her first day of work and her favourite HOFER products.

Tanja, your first day of work at HOFER was in 2004. Can you recount your first impressions of our company?

Tanja: I can still remember my first day very clearly, it is a stark contrast to how things are now. Back then, we only had one building and I met all my colleagues on the first day, which meant I knew every team member at the site! Since then, our team has grown so much that this would be unimaginable, which is an exciting development to observe.

What is your favourite HOFER product?

Tanja: It’s difficult to choose just one of our great products. I would say, I like our organic rye bread and our natural yoghurt brand best.

As a video model for our new employer branding website, you not only participated in our photo shoots, but also in the video production. Can you share what that was like?

Tanja: The filming days were a very exciting experience because they were so professionally organised. I had never participated in anything like it and was deeply impressed by the detailed preparations behind the scenes and how well everything was planned. The recent years at HOFER have been a great experience. That’s why I was motivated to present HOFER as an employer. I am very proud of the final outcome and our performance.

What was your personal highlight during the video shoot?

Tanja: I loved it when we recorded the scene with the roundabout and I drove several rounds with the drone above me. That doesn’t happen every day and I truly enjoyed myself.“

Are you curious about the finished video of Tanja?

Click here to see the results of the video shoot and to get insights into Tanja’s work at HOFER:

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