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2 in 1: Master’s study programme and career start in a single package


Undecided whether to start your career or earn an advanced degree? At HOFER, we offer a dual Master’s study programme for Area Managers who want to earn a Master’s degree. Combine theory and practice in this one-of-a-kind educational programme in Austria.

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Teamwork makes the dream work


#TogetherWeCan: Over 70 HOFER office employees provided support in store operations and logistics during the coronavirus crisis.

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Catch your Match – a company visit of a special kind


Groups of school pupils visited our ALPHA Retail Network in Eberstalzell on 30 October and 13 November to learn more about our company’s versatile job opportunities.

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The Perfect Catch – show us your talents


Visitors of the FM4 Frequency Festival in St.Pölten again had the option to relax in the HOFER Snack & Chill Area this year. What's not to be missed? The popular HOFER career luck charms!


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