Teamwork makes the dream work

The fact that teamwork is a top priority at HOFER was clearly evident in the months of March and April 2020. COVID-19 posed major challenges, which we were able to overcome as a team. When support was needed for our colleagues in Store Operations and Logistics, over 70 office employees volunteered to help out in our stores and logistics centres, where their contributions were more than welcome.

Silvie Scheibmayr, an employee in Human Resources, supported a store in Wels and reported this about her first day.

Silvie: My new colleagues in the store immediately accepted me into their team and were open to working with me. I even got a small gift and a personal card at the end of my time in the store, which meant a lot to me. It still hangs above my desk in the office as a reminder.

Our staff in the corporate departments, together with thousands of colleagues in the stores and warehouses ensured the basic food supply for Austrians and kept processes smooth and easy during that challenging time. The temporary workplace assignments also gave office workers exciting new insights and valuable perspectives for their regular work activities.

Silvie: Working in the store provided great insights, both for my job in HR and for me personally. I was so impressed with the way my colleagues cooperate as a team to make sure our customers can buy a full range of products of the best quality every day. I remember that whenever I go shopping and am more aware of the work it takes to keep the shelves stocked.

A big thank you to the entire HOFER team for their exemplary effort over the past months!

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