Application tips

How to score with your application

Have you found a job opening you are excited about? Then take the next step now!
Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your application and job interview with HOFER. 

Your application is your admission ticket

Your application materials give us a first impression of you. They give us information about your work habits and, in addition to your qualifications, are a key factor in the decision to invite you to an interview.

Make the most of this opportunity and do your best when creating the application!

Don’t forget anything!

To be successful, an application has to be complete: A meaningful curriculum vitae in table format with an appropriate professional photo, a well-written personal statement (depending on the job opening) as well as the relevant certificates from your school, university and past work positions are a must.

Quality rules

Use your application as evidence of your quality awareness! We are impressed by professional design because it shows commitment. Create your documents with great care and make sure that they are correct and, of course, complete – both in terms of formatting and content.

Show personality

What is special about you? Which characteristics and skills do you bring to the job? Why are you a good fit for HOFER? Your answers to these questions are of great interest to us because they give us insights into your personality and make us curious. Carefully reflect on what you want us to know about you, but focus on the (job-specific) essentials.

HOFER, your job and YOU

Why are you interested in a specific job at HOFER? Why is the job opening a good fit for you? Why are you interested in working in the food industry? Make sure to provide answers to these questions in your personal statement and during the interview. The best way to do that is to ask yourself this: What do I enjoy and what are my strengths?

Interested? Show us!

Show up well-prepared for the interview and show us that you did your homework. By asking your own questions, you can tell us that you are particularly interested in our company. That lets us find out more about our chemistry.

Honest is best

Honesty is an important prerequisite to get hired because it helps us to assess whether the job opening is a good match for your expectations and qualifications. As a general rule, you should be confident and honest about your experience and show us what you can do. Don’t diminish or exaggerate your accomplishments.

What should I wear?

Clothes make the man:  a well-groomed appearance adds personal appeal to your interview. Because HOFER wants you to be comfortable in your outfit, we have introduced a “business casual” dress code. Are you planning to wear your favourite dress jeans and classic sneakers for your interview? That’s completely okay, but we suggest a blouse/dress shirt instead of a T-shirt for an appropriate overall impression.

Informal “Du” (“you”)

As a large team with over 12,000 employees all over Austria, we place great emphasis on a collegial working atmosphere. Starting from your hiring process, we will be calling you by your first name throughout the company, across all hierarchy levels.