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Yanet, Expat: Foreign assignment in our GBC-Team


Yanet took the chance and moved from the USA to Austria for a foreign assignment. In this interview she tells us about her experiences so far, the challenges and much more about her life.

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From South Africa to Austria - Sean found his career-match at HOFER


The South African, Sean Smit, turned his life upside down in 2020. After months of strict lockdown in South Africa, he decided to change his life fundamentally. He discoverd a job ad from the International Management Holding of HOFER, applied for it and received a job offer. He moved to Austria with his partner and started his HOFER career in International Supply Chain Management in November 2020. Sean told us more about his life-changing decision in the following interview.

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Discover HOFER benefits that can save you money!


In addition to a wide range of career paths, HOFER offers numerous benefits to its employees. In this post, you will learn more about our employee benefits and how they can help you save money. We also asked three of our employees to share their favourite HOFER benefit.

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We are proud holders of the equalitA quality seal for internal promotion of women


At HOFER, professional success is determined by potential, not gender. We take numerous measures to ensure that women and men have the same career opportunities across all positions and that equal pay is not just something we give lip service to. Our efforts were recently recognised with the equalitA quality seal for internal promotion of women – awarded in person by Federal Minister Margarete Schramböck.

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HOFER anniversary! Embark on a journey through Erika’s work history at HOFER


Erika will celebrate 40 years of working at HOFER this July. In this interview, she takes us on a journey through her HOFER career and reminisces about the many changes that have taken place over the years.

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A truly powerful woman! Diane as a leader at home and in the workplace


Diane den Haan is the Store Manager at the HOFER store in Vorchdorf and the single parent of two children. In this fascinating interview, she talks about combining career and family and how HOFER has supported her in this effort.

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Exciting insights: Rene talks about his HOFER apprenticeship experience in IT


Are you looking for an apprenticeship in a company that values your technical skills and ability to work in a team? Is a workplace with a future and a secure, dependable employer a must-have for you?
Then an information technology apprenctieship at HOFER is exactly the right choice for you! Rene, a two-year member of the HOFER team, talks about his apprenticeship experience in IT.

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HOFER drawing competition: winning entry featured on Christmas chocolate for employees


Our employees’ children showed off their artistic talent in the HOFER drawing competition in the entry categories “Christmas with the HOFER bear” and “My mum/dad working at HOFER”. The top prize was a EUR 300 HOFER shopping voucher and a HOFER teddy bear. Special highlight: the winning drawing is featured on this year’s Christmas chocolate for our employees.

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Stefan’s apprenticeship at HOFER: A perfect match!


Stefan is one of our many great apprentices who rock our retail sales. In this interview, he reveals how he found his way to us, what his job entails and why it is such a good match for him.

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Industry win: HOFER wins Best Recruiters award in the retail industry


Wow – we are proud to have won the Best Recruiters award in our industry! Click here to learn how we scored as an employer and how we improved our standing in the overall ranking.Wow – we are proud to have won the Best Recruiters award in our industry! Click here to learn how we scored as an employer and how we improved our standing in the overall ranking.

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Gain experience with a management internship at HOFER


Our management internship is an opportunity for university students to gain one to six months of practical working experience alongside a seasoned Area Manager.

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A question of fairness: equal pay, diversity and international outlook


Equal pay for equal work? But of course. “Equal Pay Day” is a perfect occasion to explain our priorities at HOFER. We place great emphasis on diversity, equal opportunity, and above all, equal pay.    

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Know your customers: CEO Horst Leitner talks about consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions


HOFER CEO Horst Leitner was a guest speaker at the Management Center Innsbruck on 9 October 2020. Some 140 attendees were present to hear his live talk and get an exciting look behind the scenes of our company. Mr. Leitner’s presentation focused on the major influence of consumers in the food retail business.

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HOFER – the right career for you! Discover our new employer branding appearance!!


Would you like to know how our new employer branding appearance was created? Learn more about our new motto and meet the employees who are featured as models in our new employer branding appearance.

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What makes HOFER so special as an employer?


Our HOFER team is based on cooperation and collaboration. Our daily team spirit offers a dependable work environment, in which our employees can grow and thrive.

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