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An apprenticeship at HOFER lays the foundation for your career in our company. From the first day, you will be a valued part of the store team to gradually learn about your many different responsibilities. An apprenticeship with our company is a regional assignment with broad career perspectives: Complete your apprenticeship with a school-leaving certificate or climb the career ladder, join a store management team and become an apprenticeship trainer yourself. The career options at HOFER are endless!

Apprenticeship at HOFER - what to expect

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Proficient BACKBOX in-store baker, expert cashier or customer service star: Lea combines many talents and knows what matters in a HOFER apprenticeship. In this video, she shares important information about preparing your application. From pupil to apprentice – and future store manager?

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FAQs on HOFER apprenticeships

This section contains responses to the most frequently asked questions about apprenticeships at HOFER:

Which apprenticeship options are available?

The HOFER apprenticeship programme primarily trains retail sales staff in our more than 530 stores. We also offer a small number of apprenticeships to become an administrative business specialist at our corporate office in Sattledt/Eberstalzell or a technician in our chocolate factory. 

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How much do apprentices earn?

Whether you need money for a moped, travel or your first own flat – earn your first income while having fun with an apprenticeship at HOFER. You can expect the following payment:

  • EUR 1,111 a month before tax in your first apprenticeship year,
  • EUR 1,270 a month before tax in your second apprenticeship year and
  • EUR 1,620 a month before tax in your third apprenticeship year

(as of September 2022).

How long does the apprenticeship take and how many hours would I work per week?

Apprenticeships at HOFER generally take three years; the programme typically starts in September.

Including the classroom time spent at vocational school, your work time is 38.5 hours per week. In Store Operations, you may be expected to work until 6pm on Saturdays twice a month. Of course, you will get an additional day off during the week in exchange.

Am I eligible to become an apprentice at HOFER?

We welcome your application if you are motivated and committed and have completed nine years of secondary school.

What does an apprenticeship involve?

In addition to work time in the store, our company offers an exciting framework programme: You can share experiences with other apprentices at HOFER ACADEMY, visit our suppliers or keep your knowledge up-to-date with our e-learning content.

Which additional benefits does an apprenticeship at HOFER offer?

Outdoor events, HOFER Travel coupons valued at EUR 1,000,-  as well as EUR 1,500 for financing your driving license for top apprenticeship grades, apprenticeships with Matura (school-leaving certificate equivalent to A-Levels), company health plan or our own HOFER employee discount platform:

Start your career as an apprentice and enjoy our many cool HOFER benefits.

Your three apprenticeship years as a retail salesperson in detail

Each of your three apprenticeship years will have a different focus. The programme provides optimal preparation for a career as a Store Manager.

Did you know that we also offer apprenticeships in administration and IT? Click on the link to find out more about these training programmes.

Theory meets practice

Apprenticeships at HOFER combine vocational school classes and on-the-job training.

What do classes at vocational school involve?

In the weekly schedule variant, you will spend two days at vocational school in the first year of your apprenticeship and one day a week in the second and third year of your apprenticeship. If vocational school follows a block programme, it will take between eight and 12 weeks per year. If you live in a boarding school during that time, the company will cover the cost.

How is apprenticeship training structured?

You will be working max. 38.5 hours a week and max. 8 hours a day, working either in the store or taking vocational school classes. As an apprentice in Store Operations, you may be expected to work every other Saturday, while you would work Monday through Friday as an apprentice in the administration or in IT. You will have five weeks of holiday per year, two of them during school breaks.

Check it out – your skills and advantages at a glance!

Our apprentices are our future managers. Providing high-quality professional training is a top priority for us. The following overview explains the skills you should bring and what you will learn in your HOFER apprenticeship.

Expected qualifications:

  • completed nine-year secondary school
  • good general education
  • ability to work in a team
  • responsible, honest and motivated personality
  • dedicated and goal-oriented worker
  • people person, ability to provide friendly customer service

Convincing offers:

  • special apprenticeship training and e-learning modules
  • option to complete your apprenticeship with a school-leaving certificate
  • performance-based incentives for final apprenticeship exams
  • EUR 1,000 HOFER Travel coupon for top apprenticeship grades
  • participation in annual team events
  • rapid career advancement options
  • secure, dependable employer with stores throughout Austria

More information on apprenticeships at HOFER

Prospects after your apprenticeship


After three apprenticeship years as a retail specialist and completing your final examinations, you can decide whether to support the store team as a sales employee or whether to pursue a career as a Store Manager with additional commitment and motivation.

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Career or team spirit? Interview with two Store Managers about professional teamwork


“With good friends and a great team, anything is possible” - Even ascending from apprentice to Store Manager! Is ambition a bigger success factor than friendship? We asked two young Store Managers who have known each other since their apprenticeships about their views on career and team spirit. 

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Apprenticeship in our Corporate Office: administrative specialist or IT specialist


Our Corporate Office also trains apprentices, based on demand. While apprenticeships in stores focus on the skills of retail specialists, the Corporate Office offers training opportunities for administrative specialists or IT specialists in system technology. This section contains further details on the two job descriptions.

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