Our HOFER benefits for you

Get started and benefit

Our motto: Attractive pay is good, but additional benefits for your health, satisfaction and work-life balance are even better! We want to make sure that you are comfortable working at HOFER so you can enjoy contributing to our shared success. To this end, HOFER offers its employees a number of benefits such as paid sabbaticals, team events or corporate health management.

Our benefits for ...

Balanced minds that are also flexible

Stay balanced! With our flexible work time and shift-based working models or home office* we respond to your individual needs and support you in balancing your professional and private life.

Bargain hunters

Saving money made easy! Great deals and discounts with different businesses await you on our corporate benefits platform.

Sports enthusiasts

Fit on the job!  We encourage your participation in shared sports events. In addition, you can take advantage of our cooperation with numerous gyms and use our free fitness centre in the national office.

Health fans

HEALTHY.TOGETHER. Our comprehensive corporate health management programme provides measures that focus on your physical, mental and social well-being. 

Networkers who recommend us

Sharing pays off! If you recommend us to your network as an employer, you can earn an award of EUR 500* before tax. 

Team players

Achieving more together! We live team spirit and sponsor your participation in a teambuilding event once a year. 

Connoisseurs of food

Ready for an energy boost? Take advantage of fresh fruit and vegetable options for your daily vitamin boost. We also offer freshly brewed coffee and tea free of charge at all times.

Information gatherers

Always in the know! Our internal employee app provides in-depth information to let you know what is happening in the company.

Time-out takers

Let your soul wander! Once you have completed five years of employment, you also have the opportunity to take sabbatical leave for up to several months. Take the time to fulfil your life’s dreams!

Inquisitive people

New perspectives? Our HOFER ACADEMY offers professional and personal advancement options together with exciting further qualification options.

Home office enthusiasts

Shortest way to work? In the office area, depending on the position and the number of hours employed, you can benefit from the option of working from home and save yourself commuting a few days a month. 

Cooperative minds who like to share

Your opinion counts! Our regular employee engagement surveys enable you to share your opinion and to help shape our company.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Our company events such as summer or Christmas parties bring everyone together, including employees on leave, to celebrate our shared success.


Helping others as a team! Participants of our corporate volunteering programme help their community once a year. Participating employees get three hours of paid time off and an annual EUR 50 award for actively supporting people and the environment.


Join us in a welcoming atmosphere and thrive! To ensure the best possible start to your new employment, we offer individual onboarding for HOFER newcomers that includes a training plan, workshops, welcome days and other measures. An experienced colleague will support you as your “buddy”. 

Lovers of workplace comfort

Not your parent’s office! Our office workstations feature the latest equipment. Of course, the employees in our stores and in logistics also use modern equipment such as tablets and headsets.

Feel-good experts

Leadership with trust! Our executives also are your trusted advisors. They are always there for you and can help you resolve many work-related concerns. 

Thrifty fuelers 

Fuel up at low prices! Take advantage of your HOFER employee fuel card to save money at select petrol stations.

Environmentally conscious commuters

Reaching the destination together! Use our “carpool centre” to find colleagues that share the same commute.

Family people

Intelligent leave programmes! Our informative family leave folder comes with a baby bodysuit as a gift. As a father-to-be, you can take advantage of our month-long paternity leave. 

* Our office jobs come with the possibility of working from home, depending on position and the amount of hours employed.
* *For new employees who have been consistently employed for at least 6 months from the hiring date; EUR 500 before tax; the referring employee must be employed in good standing at HOFER at the time of payout. Directors are not eligible for the bonus for referrals.