We rock IT – in the ALPHA Retail Network

Our site in Eberstalzell

A team of over 225 employees rocks our IT in the ALPHA Retail Network. The new building to house our IT and other specialist departments was completed in Eberstalzell in Upper Austria in 2018. The work in the former warehouse with a floor space of 20,000 m² is all about digitisation, hardware and software. HOFER customers may think of IT in our stores, but the work goes much further. Our IT team also works to provide office staff with the necessary hardware and software and helps to build, support and update digital processes throughout the company.

Interface of business, science and research

The ALPHA Retail Network is our workshop of the future, where business, science and research come together. The premises include designated areas for cooperating with universities, offices for start-ups and sufficient space for internal HOFER events.

Walk-through of the ALPHA Retail Network

The colourful floor markings in the lobby help you find your destination.

The bright, modern meeting rooms of HOFER ACADEMY offer sufficient space for employee and management training. The building also features creative solutions for regular meetings: The curtains and glass add a special touch with a sense of openness and lightness. Focus boxes provide the necessary peace and quiet for concentrated work.

The large, well-equipped kitchen and the open dining area with outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy a break. Coffee kitchens provide much-needed energy in the afternoon. Speaking of energy, the car parks include charging stations for electric vehicles. The open office design promotes communication and sharing, but visitors are always astonished how quiet the work environment is.

Here is an overview of the most important site info:

  • 20.000 m²
  • located directly at the Eberstalzell highway exit
  • 8 km from the Corporate Office in Sattledt
  • over 225 employees from IT and other departments
  • multiple projects associated with digitisation
  • high-end, modern workplace equipment

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