Accompany Anna in her many exciting activities as Area Manager

Anna’s job as Area Manager is never boring. She oversees six stores and manages up to 100 employees. Anna enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge and sees challenges as learning opportunities. In this interview, she talks about her reasons to be featured in our new employer branding website and her first day as Area Manager.

Anna, you joined our company in 2017. What is your favourite memory of working at HOFER?

Anna: A personal highlight for me came in December 2019, when I opened a brand-new store in Ebenthal in Carinthia together with a highly motivated young store team. The preparation process was quite demanding - it took lots of commitment, management skills and strong nerves. When I saw the crowds lined up in front of the new store on our opening day to get our opening specials and I heard the tills beep for the first time, all the hard work and effort had paid off!

As a video model for our new employer branding website, you not only participated in our photo sessions, but also in the video shoot. What was your favourite moment?

Anna: I met a lot of people during the shoot and learned new things. I also enjoyed filming the realistic video about “my story,” which led me from my parents’ farm to working at HOFER. My personal highlight was taking the video team into the pigsty for a scene. A fun random fact: the video shoot was the first time I ever entered the pigsty wearing makeup and nice clothes!

What do you remember about your first day of work as Area Manager?

Anna: My first day was packed with new impressions: company vehicle, new iPhone, everything was new to me. After the welcome in the regional office, I went straight to meeting my new colleagues in the store and jumped into everyday store activities. In the beginning, I thought of starting a glossary for working as an Area Manager because I heard so many new terms. I felt fully integrated from the start and was able to get my first impressions as Area Manager.

Do you have a favourite HOFER product?

Anna: Yes, I like all of our “Zurück zum Ursprung” products, primarily for their flavour but also for their eight core values. I usually enjoy one of those products when I’m on a break.

Are you curious to learn more?

The following video gives insights about Anna’s career at HOFER and her many varied activities as Area Manager:

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