Know your customers: CEO Horst Leitner talks about consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions

On 9 October 2020, our CEO Horst Leitner gave a guest lecture at the Management Center Innsbruck entitled “What the heck does the consumer want”? In order to meet current safety requirements, the talk was attended by 140 participants at the Innsbruck convention centre. In addition to MCI Director Andreas Altmann, the audience included students as well as MCI alumni.


What do consumers actually want?

Mr. Leitner's presentation focused on the major influence of consumers in the food retail business. “Don’t underestimate the power you have as a consumer,” Leitner said. The desires and expectations of consumers frequently contradict their actual buying choices. HOFER also analyses consumer behaviour. “Many surveys show that customers value regional sourcing and want functional local shopping opportunities, yet are increasingly turning to online purchases.”

Have you ever questioned your own purchasing decisions? Would you prefer to buy a cheaper product or a product from local sources? Your decision makes a significant contribution.

How does HOFER address this topic?

As a food retailer, we pay close attention to our customers’ wishes and make every effort to respond to their various needs. Our goal is always to offer the best quality at the lowest HOFER price – as our customers have come to expect.

We identify with the values of our customers and prioritise regional sources and sustainability. The items of our exclusive “Zurück zum Ursprung” or “FairHOF” brands demonstrate that animal welfare is both profitable and affordable. It is particularly important to us to reconcile consumer preferences and actual consumer behaviour.

Mr. Leitner’s insightful talk was followed by an in-depth Q & A session, in which participants had an opportunity to ask questions about the presentation and our company. Topics included modern payment methods, working from home and digitalisation in the food retail sector. We thank all attendees for the lively discussion!

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