Peter finds the right path, not just for our products

Do you ever wonder how our company manages to supply over 525 stores with the correct product quantity every day? How we let our customers experience the highest quality, at the best price? As Deputy Warehouse Section Manager, Peter is an expert in this area. He knows every detail of the logistical processes that bring the products to our store shelves. Peter not only chooses the transport path of HOFER products, but also feels good about his own career choice to join HOFER. As one of the models for our new employer branding website, Peter shares a few tips for potential applicants and his favourite HOFER product.

How did your career lead you to HOFER?

Peter: Working for an employer such as HOFER was always a long-term goal for me. A good friend encouraged me to apply for my current job, and I was promptly hired. As a young and dynamic leader, I have been given the opportunity to lead a team of over 40 people. It is good to see what we can achieve together. I will soon face new challenges when I take over as a Manager in our Supply Chain Management. My job has been really rewarding and I look forward to my new responsibilities.

Why did you apply to be a model in our new employer branding website?

Peter: I identify strongly with HOFER and I am happy to make a contribution to a well-crafted website and the sustained recruiting of new employees. I am proud to communicate that to the outside.

What is your best advice for future colleagues who want to apply with our company?

Peter: The most important thing is to always be yourself. I would rather interview people with quirks and peculiarities who are honest and authentic than those who deliver artificial phrases that say little about them. You have to be true to yourself to discover your path.

As Deputy Warehouse Section Manager, you are very familiar with HOFER’s products. Do you have a favourite product?

Peter: Hands down, I love the Badner Kurkipferl biscuits from our “Gutes vom Konditor” brand.

To learn more about Peter and his compelling job in logistics, watch his personal video here for more interesting details:

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