Stefan’s apprenticeship at HOFER: A perfect match!

Stefan is an apprentice in our company who rocks retail sales with his team. In the interview, he reveals how he found his way to our company, what his job entails and why it is such a good match for him. We also asked him about his favourite HOFER moment.

Stefan, how did you find your way to HOFER? 

Stefan: I originally had thought of becoming an office clerk, but my mum suggested that I explore other professions before choosing a profession, so I decided to give HOFER a try. I really enjoyed the work and knew after my first day that an apprenticeship at HOFER would be perfect for me. 

What did you like so much about the job?

Stefan: Apprenticeships at HOFER are really varied. There’s always something new to learn plus the company offers excellent career options.

What is a typical working day like for you?

Stefan: My day usually starts at 6.15am. I start by preparing the till and check whether everything is ready for our shoppers. Then I put out the fresh fruit in the HOFER Marketplace area. When our store opens, I am ready at the till and look forward to an exciting working day. I go home around 2.45pm, which leaves me enough time for my hobby, playing soccer.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Stefan: I love the variety of my apprenticeship. No day is like another and I learn new things every day. The structured daily routine allows me to work independently, even during my apprenticeship. It’s especially cool that I can take on management tasks during my training.

What are the challenges people should know about?

Stefan: My job is physically demanding and requires a certain level of resilience. It is helpful to be precise and have an eye for detail. At the same time, you feel fully integrated into your team from Day 1 and benefit from the know-how of your colleagues.

What’s special about your team?

Stefan: My team is extremely helpful and understanding. After vocational school, I always look forward to going back to work. Our good team spirit always shows at our team events, too.

What makes the HOFER apprenticeship a perfect match for you?

Stefan: HOFER offers great benefits for apprentices, which you don’t find everywhere. You can always count on everyone’s support and the career advancement options are amazing.

What was your favourite moment at HOFER?

Stefan: I really enjoy the get-togethers with other apprentices. The meetings are a welcome change from everyday business. It is a cool experience to travel to other locations and meet other apprentices working in the same company.

What tips would you give to potential applicants?

Stefan: Be ambitious, work with precision and use challenges to motivate you. HOFER is a great employer and the HOFER apprenticeship offers outstanding career prospects.

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